About Phillips 66 Lubricants




Its Beginning

Phillips 66 Lubricants traces its history back to 1927 when Phillips 66 opened its first service station. Rapid growth created a great demand for Phillips 66 Motor Oil. In just over two years after opening the first service station, the TropArtic® Motor Oil trademark was purchased from Manhattan Oil Co., who had held the name since 1912. Over the next 70 years, TropArtic® Motor Oil and Phillips 66 Lubricants constantly sought out new ways to grow the product line and expand into new business sectors and niche markets, including oil field lubricants, farm and truck lubricants, and automotive engine, marine, snowmobile, and aviation oils.

A History of Success

Over the years, Phillips 66 Lubricants has developed a number of outstanding products to meet the needs of various markets. In 1954, Phillips 66 introduced multi-viscosity TropArtic® Motor Oils, designed to adapt to all temperature changes. This new feature eliminated the need to change grades of oil with every season, which resulted in TropArtic® Motor Oil becoming the first military accepted multi-viscosity motor oil. In aviation, the brand rolled out the first multi-viscosity, mineral-based, ashless dispersant aviation oil in 1979. In the farm market, superior Phillips 66 products have also been developed, including Super HD II, a heavy-duty engine oil reformulated to meet today’s tough standards, and HG Fluid, a superior blended tractor transmission and hydraulic fluid. Phillips 66 Lubricants also provides superior products in niche markets such as the boating and snowmobile industry, with leading products like Injex™, Synjex™, and Injex™ Pro.

The Tradition Continues

Today, Phillips 66 Lubricants products are considered leaders among the aviation and farm industry products, particularly throughout the Heartland, as well as other fields such as two-cycle marine and snowmobile oils. The TropArtic® product line, the one that started it all, continues its longstanding success. It all adds up to a bright future for one of the most trusted brands in the business